Granco (HK) Limited is a professional Sweater Manufacturing company, which has been established since 1998. They have built a huge network and a consistent flow with every types of knitting factories in China for running over 15 years. Because of such experiences from running diversified developments and productions, they can catch and satisfy most of their customer’s needs and design, from casual wear to designer fancy labels are workable.

The goals of Granco (HL) limited is to provide excellent product & service with competitive price as well as delivery on time as a basic. They had a long lasting relationship with many famous and well know brands by working hard of keeping forward to the goals continuously. The Trend changes like Earth rotates, Granco (HK) are well prepared to face any changes in customer’s taste and need, both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) are both welcomed.

They have both Ladies’ & Men’s Sweater Knitwear Products. Their products are diversifying in any Gauge from 1.5 GG to 14 GG and under different contents, including basic cotton and acrylic, soft touch cashmere like acrylic, wool compounds and any fancy yarn, ramie, natural fiber and animal yarn …with any specific procedures of hand knit, computer machine knit, hand crochet, embroidery, prints and dip dyeing.

Owner: Mr James Shi
Factory Manger: Mr. Chen Jun Liang
Merchandising Manager: Sunny

Type of Products

Blouse, Cardigan, Skirt, Dress & Vest.


80% Ladies’ wear
20% Men’s wear