Oreo Cookie Factory in Danger of Closing

A lawmaker blasted Mondelez, saying workers have risked their health to meet skyrocketing demand.

A Nabisco cookie plant in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, has been producing yummy treats and smells since 1958.

But despite an increase in consumer snacking amid the pandemic, the factory responsible for producing Oreos is on the chopping block.

Nabisco, owned by Mondelez International, is also considering closing a plant in Atlanta as the company looks to make strategic geographic changes.

Six hundred workers across three shifts would lose their jobs if the North Jersey plant were to close, although Mondelez says the decision is far from confirmed.

A local congressman blasted Mondelez in a press release, saying employees “worked multiple shifts, risking their own health during the pandemic to meet skyrocketing demand."

The company says the factory “has significantly outdated infrastructure and manufacturing capability."

The 110-foot-tall building is apparently the tallest in the area, and local residents say it makes the whole town smell like cookies.

If the closure proceeds, Mondelez will shut down the plant in 2021.

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